About EO Children Contributors  

Want to contribute? Below are a few ways that you can help.

  1. Volunteer to attend a field trip with EO: Assist in leading the children on one of their exciting adventures. To learn more about upcoming field trips: see the Participants section.
  2. Donate supplies: Baked goods, T-shirts, etc. for any of the field trips.
  3. Sponsor a field trip and adopt 20 - 25 kids!: This involves contributing funds (roughly $750) for a specific field trip. You will know exactly what your contribution is being used for. Your contribution will be used only for the direct expenses of the specific field trip - not for any administrative costs of EO. All salaries and administrative costs will be paid by EO's general fund. If desired, you may have direct input into choosing and assembling the field trip. You will also receive follow-up information on the field trip, and pictures and letters from the kids.
  4. Donate money to EO's general fund: The money donated will be used exclusively for our mission. You will receive a monthly newsletter showing the wonderful contributions you have made to children's lives.

If you are interested in contributing in any of the above ways, please contact Megan Connolly: see the Contact section.

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