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Cambridge Technology Enterprises The Eliassen Group, Inc.
Capital Crossing Bank The Lantz Family
Christ Church of Amherst Symbolic, Inc.
The Connolly Family The Webber Family
Cambridge Executive Enterprises Alan Roth
Irv Salisbury, D.O.Tech Bob Sullivan, D.O.Tech
Jeff Rice D.O.Tech Saragoni and Co.
Pete Bothner, Nazareth College Joe Seil, Nazareth College
Mike Gentile, Empire8 Conference Chuck Mitrano, Empire8 Conference
Tom Koller, Buffalo State College Cal Wickens, Rochester Volleyball Club
Scott Schoenfelder, Fisher-Price Kristen Ford, Ithaca College
Kim Lambert, Utica College Tony Leone, Xerox Corporation
Paula Cordaro, Xerox Corporation Carl Bothner, Xerox Corporation
Charles Quagliata, Broom Community College Jason and Janie Konidaris
Jarrod Yuster Nick Bollettieri
Anthony and Stacey Dicorce Stephanie Gaskins
Vail and Cheryl O'Connor Edward and Philo Cushing
Gina Bieneke Chris and Bonnie Covington
Angela Corning Stuart and Elizabeth Moore
Nancy Livingston Hopkins Geoffrey Noyes
Robyn Cusson Davis Walter and Lisa Suydam
Marger M. T. Kennelly Multiple other contributors that request to remain anonymous.
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